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Water hygiene

Providing clean and potable water to your meter is our job. However, you are responsible for your own water hygiene.

Tips to ensure your water is clean and safe in your house:

  • About your Roof tank: You have to wash & disinfect it AT LEAST once a year.

    How? Empty the tank, brush it, flush it and then fill it with chlorine. Flush it again after one hour.

    About the chlorine: You can use chlorine tablet, bleach, sodium or calcium hypochlorite.

    Note: If you're not able to clean your roof tank by yourself, some companies also exist for this. Do not hesitate to call them. If you are taking not care of your roof tank, this will impact your water quality and health.

  • About your plumbing material: Check regularly your material,. If you have not used your water network for a long period, do not panic if the water is not clear at the first use. Flush it for 2 minutes and it will be back as normal.

    Note: Think of using a good quality plumbing material in your house. It can help to have a good water hygiene.