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Our challenge: provide water access to all

Diam is committed to providing water access to all, with the objective of supplying pottable water to more than 98% of the population by 2040. Simultaneously, we have been experiencing in the last few years a rapid and continuous growth of the water demand – 15% increase on average per year– as a result of the robust economic and demographic growth in Oman. Developing our water services to reach all the people in Oman and meet the rising needs is the challenge Diam is working on every day.

Investing for the future

In order to meet the growth challenge, Diam is significantly investing to extend the water network throughout the country, with an average of 150 million OMR spent every year for new water infrastructure. A program for transmission line development and distribution network construction is under progress, resulting in a considerable growth in customer numbers. New reservoirs are also being built to provide more storage closer to customers and consequently improve the security of supply. Finally, water plant projects are underway to expand the water production capacity and fully fulfill our customer needs.

Expanding Oman water production capacity

Diam is periodically reviewing the water needs of the areas within its jurisdiction in coordination with the Oman Power and Water Procurement Company to expand the existing desalination plants. Several expansions are currently under way in the desalination plants, including the expansion of the desalination plant in Al-Ghubrah, Quriyat in Muscat Governorate. The expansion of the Barka desalination plant is also underway in stages.

Desalination Plants in Asilah, in South Sharqiyah Governorate started operation in 2016, and Desalination Plant in the wilayat of Sohar in North Batinah Governorate started operation in 2018 and the Desalination Plant in the wilayat of Barka in the Southern Batinah Governorate. Water purification plant in the Wadi Dhayqah dam in Muscat Governorate is expected to be operational in 2019 and the water desalination plant in Al-Ashkhara in the South Sharqiyah Governorate is expected to be operational in 2019 and 2020 in two stages.