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Protecting water by reducing water losses

As water is a precious resource for the Sultanate, Diam is committed to reducing water losses throughout the Oman network. In order to achieve this, our leak detection teams are dedicated to identify leaks and reduce the difference between water produced and water used by customers.

The creation of District Metered Areas (DMAs)

Small water distribution system units have thus been created, each serving between 500 and 2,500 customers. These are called District Metered Areas(DMA), whose flows and pressure are constantly monitored and compared to billing data in order to assess the level of both commercial and technical losses and to target corrective actions. The analysis includes a daily assessment of the minimum flow at night, our main operational indicator of technical losses such as leakage.

The DMA philosophy has also become a pre-requisite for any new water network, or private network to be taken over by Diam, and DMAs are created every time one is required.

Hydraulic models have been built and are being routinely calibrated. This allows Diam to identify both the areas with low pressure and the areas where controlling the water pressure could be implemented as a way to reduce water losses.

A comprehensive strategy to reduce water losses:

The strategy for reducing water losses also includes:

A proper organisation : including the recruitment of field supervisors for Customer Services in order to reduce fraud and update our customer database, and the recruitment of leak detection teams throughout Oman.

Adequate and tailored training, with on-the-job sessions. For example, a tailored leak detection program has been given to small groups of 3 to 5 employees, providing the attendees the right tools and methodology to raise leak detection practices in Oman to the best international standards, while taking into account the unique characteristics of Diam assets and the Omani water operational context.

The purchase of appropriate equipment and technologies, including leak detection equipment (acoustic correlator, leak detection or through gas techniques), tanker filling station monitoring equipment,and related technologies.

The development of appropriate contractual tools to closely manage our contractors,such as penalties, framework contracts, and other mechanisms. Our objective in reducing water losses, is to promote the best use of Government funds by supporting the sector with efficiency gains, improving standards of service to our customers and the Omani population, now and in the future, by preserving our Environment and our Water Resources.