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Tender process

As a company, please click  Active Tenders  to look for our active tenders.
Prior to responding to a tender, please read carefully the Tender Law, you can download it     
To respond to our tenders, you need to follow those instructions/steps: 
  You will find all our tenders currently open on the ‘”Active tender” page.
  To purchase the tender, a representative of your company needs to come to our PAEW offices – download the map here. A valid registration from
      the Tender Board is required to purchase any PAEW tender.
  Before preparing the offer and bidding please make sure your company complies with all the relevant selection criteria stipulated in the tender.
  When complete please submit your offer to PAEW tender department (map here) in a sealed envelope addressed to The Chairman of the Tender committee.
Please follow all the instructions mentioned in the tender document.
The next steps do not involve you anymore. PAEW tender department will inform you of the deliberation of the Committee when the tender has been awarded. 
For any query regarding PAEW tender, please call PAEW Tender department:24611204 or 24611249
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